Monetization Solutions for Digital Publishers

Bringing more value across video, banner, display and ad refresh

Expand your inventory and increase the value of each impression

With more than 8 years of experience in the advertising industry, Atingi Group knows the difficulties and challenges that publishers face, as well as the value they have been losing. We offer a suite of turnkey solutions that help publishers increase their inventory levels and receive the highest value for each impression. Atingi has experience across a range of advertising technologies, from Open RTB, Header Bidding and Ad Refresh, and works closely with market leaders on technology and demand sides to deliver the best results to our publishers.


Atingi Group maintains strong relationships with major advertising exchanges and agencies, giving publishers the chance to maximise inventory value through advanced header bidding solutions and opportunity for direct campaigns.


Our real-time reporting system provides publishers the most accurate insight of ad operations and traffic across all their websites. We continuously monitor all activity and take necessary steps to optimise demand in real-time to utilise the highest performing ad sources.


Atingi simplifies advertising for publishers by doing all the work optimising and simplifying ad operations on a single platform, taking advantage of every ad opportunity.


We bring real value for each impression. Our technology is a combination of Header Bidding, Private Marketplace (PMPs), Programmatic Direct, and Ad Refresh tools. It helps us take advantage of every ad opportunity and bring maximium value for publishers.


Automate sales of display and video inventory with solutions that provide total transparency and brand integrity across all screens.

Ad refresh

Increase Your Website Monetization Beyond Its Current Success.

Leverage our smart ad refresh solutions and earn more from your existing ad slots.

High-quality demand with the help of our exchange and agency partners.

Same Ad Slots, More Impressions.
Same Traffic, More Revenue.

With our smart ad refresh solutions, you can display a new ad to your users every few minutes. Make the most out of the time your users spend on your website as they view the ad while being engaged on a page. Increase the number of viewable impressions you display on your website, and get the most value from your existing traffic and ad slots

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Display banner

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Bringing more value across video, banner, display and ad refresh


We have strong relationships with leading exchanages, agencies and technology providers in the industry. Publishers have seen considerable revenue growth using instream and outstream video ads units of Atingi.